Format for helper application

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Format for helper application

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:57 pm

Helper Application:​

Application Process Explanation​

Currently we have a Head Helper @Taith who review all applications. Once they review your application you will receive a private message from one of them letting you know the outcome of your application.

If you receive a message saying you are being considered please be aware that there is still some work to do. If one of our team members likes your application, all of us have to agree. Our team may reject your application for certain flaws and things we find that may interfere with your position with our decision, try not to make a big deal about it. Show us you can be mature about it by keeping calm.

Complaining about it will permanently deny yourself for FURTHER applications.

There is One guide that you should read before applying:
Reading the Professional helper guide will help you with your application in the wrong run.

Application Format

Say "Yes" if you agree that asking a Staff member about your application means an INSTANT rejection of your application:

IGN: Answer Here
Age: Answer Here
Are you a VIP?: Answer Here
Timezone: Answer Here
Do you use Team Speak?: Answer Here
Do you have a microphone?: Answer Here
What time(s) are you most often on?: Answer Here
Have you ever been banned or temp banned on this server?: Answer Here
Do you have any previous experiences in any type of moderator position?: Answer Here
How many hours can you contribute per day?: Answer Here
How many NL-RP Staff applications have you made?: Answer Here
Please correct the following sentence:
I go to the store and I bought milk: [Fill in the correct answer]
I will eat fish for dinner and drank milk with my dinner: [Fill in the correct answer]
Anything else we should know?: Answer Here


Note 1: Please do NOT give out your personal information (i.e full real name, email, skype) in your application. If we need any more information other than what we ask in the questions above we will ask for it.
Note 2: Asking a staff member to review your application or to write it for you will result in an instant denial.


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