[Server Administrator Applications] Information & Format

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[Server Administrator Applications] Information & Format

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:32 pm

A Server Administrator is someone who enforces the rules, handles appropriate forum-work and assists the players with any significant requests in-which a helper can not complete. The process of becoming a Server Administrator entails a written application, an oral interview and finally a one month trial as that position (if successful) before entering a team. New Life Roleplay has a multitude of requirements to ensure the candidates applying, and potentially passing through, are the most suitable for that position. The requirements are as so:
You must be a helper.
You must have at-least 100 playing hours. (NON refunded!)
You must have no extensive administrative record (no bans or serious jails).
You must have at-least one reference from a team Administrator.
You must not contact the Lead Administrator or Server Owners regarding the standings of your application.
The first step is applying. You will have to applying with the following format for it to be subsequently reviewed by the Lead Administrator. Please use the title [Server Administrator Application] Account Name when applying and also use the following format:

Server Administrator Application

1.1 Account Name:
Answer Here
1.2 Character Name(s): Answer Here
1.3 Does any of your character Lead a Faction or Family: Answer Here
1.4 IF YES, which one and how long have you been on lead: Answer Here
1.5 Geographical Location: Answer here
1.6 Age: Answer Here
1.7 Administrator Reference(s): Answer Here
1.8 Do you have a working microphone?: Answer Here
1.9 Do you use Team Speak: Answer Here
2.0 Post a screen shot of your /stats: SS Here

2.1 Explain why you are applying for this position (120 words): Answer Here

2.2 Why are you a more suitable candidate than the other applicants?: Answer Here

2.3 State a situation in-which you have worked in a team to complete a set goal. Describe your role and how you played an important part: Answer Here

2.4 State some traits and skills that you have that would aid you as a Server Administrator: Answer Here

2.5 Is there something you would like to add into your application:
Answer Here


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